The Vergecast – October 4th, 2012

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No matter where you are from, if you’re watching or listening to this podcast we congratulate you. You have access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and that is certainly not something to take for granted. We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen to use your technological prowess to join us. After all, The Vergecast is for the people. Wherever your technological allegiance may lie — PC or Mac, Android or iOS, Windows Phone or even Blackberry — you are a valued member of the community.

00:04:00 – T-Mobile and MetroPCS join forces in merger: the full story
00:05:50 – Kindle Paperwhite review
00:30:20 – Apple begins iPad mini production, claims Wall Street Journal
00:54:00 – Microsoft considering ‘Surface Phone,’ but not this year
01:01:15 – One billion people now ‘actively using’ Facebook
01:08:35 – All-out messaging war between Apple and Facebook heats up
01:11:50 – Ping, Apple’s failed music-focused social network, is officially closed as of today
01:24:40 – The Verge app for Android updated with Holo interface, forums, and more!

by: Robert Walters
publisher: PublishAmerica, published: 2003-06-09
ASIN: 1592860737
EAN: 9781592860739

price: $24.95 (new), $17.99 (used)

Eric Jones, who is a young college dropout living in the small town of Lakeside, fantasizes of having fame and riches. Combining his self-taught computer knowledge, along with knack for the dramatic, he develops a plan to obtain his dreams. Knowing the Internet is a booming business he develops a website, which will allow him to broadcast a reality-based live action thriller. Using his knowledge that sex and fear sells, he merges the two to broadcast live sex shows combined with deadly endings. Due to the deadly nature of the shows and the first broadcast taking place in the familiar town hotel, the police of Lakeside attempt to capture Eric. A companion that helps with the post broadcasts activity, also aids Eric. This action packed thriller takes you through the murders and efforts by the local police to stop this killer before his final Webcast.

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