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Week 48: Did a collab with Vitalyzdtv, he came here in Utah because he wanted to go skiing. We were at my house for a week and now we are besties. He wrote a blog about some things we have in common. The ‘Put your number in My Phone’ and that blew up last week, it gave me a lot of new exercises. Collabs can be very useful at times. Oh, and just wait until tomorrow to take. It ‘s amazing. Involves both.

The Leader
by: Murray Leinster
publisher: Aegypan, published: 2011-08-01

price: $9.27 (new), $32.02 (used)

. . . The career of The Leader remains one of the mysteries of history. This man, illegitimate and uneducated, hysterical and superstitious, gathered about him a crowded following of those who had been discontented, but whom he turned into fanatics. Apparently by pure force of personality he seized without resistance the government of one of the world’s great nations. So much is unlikely enough. But as the ruler of a civilized country he imposed upon its people the absolute despotism of a primitive sultanate. He honeycombed its society with spies. He imprisoned, tortured, and executed without trial or check. And while all this went on he received the most impassioned loyalty of his subjects! Morality was abandoned at his command with as much alacrity as common sense. He himself was subject to the grossest superstitions. He listened to astrologers and fortunetellers–and executed them when they foretold disaster. But it is not enough to be amazed at the man himself. The great mystery is that people of the Twentieth Century, trained in science and technically advanced, should join in this orgy of what seems mere madness . . .

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