Sony Xperia Tablet Z Hands-On

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Sony dropped some beauty on us back at CES in the form of the Xperia Z smartphone, and the company hasn’t taken its foot off the gas since. The Xperia Tablet Z is one of the lightest ten-inch tablet computers we’ve encountered, and Sony claims its the thinnest ever produced. The beauty doesn’t end there, so dive in to the video and follow along for our very first impressions of this sleek new Android-powered slate from Sony.

Sony Xperia Z SGP311U1/B 10.1-Inch 16GB Tablet
publisher: Sony IT

price: $498.00 (new)

It’s sharper. Faster. More vivid. It’s also the world’s thinnest 10.1” tablet, with a dust- and water-resistant design that lets you enjoy it practically anywhere. For razor-sharp video and bright, lifelike photos, the Xperia Tablet Z’s screen takes advantage of Sony’s world-renowned display technology. And it’s just as impressive on the inside, with a quad-core processor for blistering speed and jaw-dropping graphics. There’s even an NFC One-Touch feature that lets you wirelessly transfer

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