Sir Thorndale Higginbottom Presents: The Proper Movie Etiquette

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Cell Phone Etiquette: Observations from a Mom
by: Michelle Cimino
publisher: PublishAmerica, published: 2009-03-16
ASIN: 1608367908
EAN: 9781608367900

price: $14.38 (new), $16.95 (used)

Am I being punk’d? Could these hilarious, unbelievable, annoying and silly stories that happen around me be real? We need the general do’s and don’ts of cell phone use and etiquette in our society today. I actually caught my daughter sleeping with her cell phone once! This book also gives advice…don’t let anyone take naked pictures of you! Duh! The simple format will seem as though a friend is telling you a story. It would make a great gift book for a new cell phone recipient or secretly placed on that co-worker’s desk. It also includes a texting quick-reference acronym list, and how to make funny pictures with cell phone symbols. It is a small book, but it speaks volumes.

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