Samsung Galaxy Grand DUOS

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Anyone eager for a big-screen smartphone that might not break the bank? Samsung is apparently trying to fill the void in your soul with a 5″ Galaxy Grand, which skimps on features like HD screen resolution and memory to reach that goal. Add to this a dual SIM version with the Grand DUOS we have in our hands, and the phone becomes double attractive, especially in Asia, where phones with two SIMs are thoroughly respected. Has Samsung compromised too much to reach its target market?

Samsung i9082 Galaxy Grand Duos 8Gb Factory Unlocked Dual Sim wifi 3G Android 4.1.2, 8MP Camera, New White
publisher: Samsung
EAN: 8806085288669
sales rank: 36263
price: $412.50 (new)

This is a GSM phone and works world wide with all GSM carriers. Not for CDMA Carriers like Verizon Sprint ETC. Works with at&t 3G . T mobile 3G is not compatible with this model. Check your carrier’s 3G bands prior to purchase.

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