Nokia Lumia 920 New 2012 / 諾基亞Lumia9202012年

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Nokia Lumia 920 is the first Windows Phone 8 Smartphone from Nokia. It comes with a 4.5 Inch HD Display,1.5GHz Qualcomm Dual Core Processor and 1GB RAM.
– 4.5 Inch PureMotion HD+ Display
– 1.5GHz Qualcomm Dual Core Processor
– 32 GB On-Board Storage
– 8MP PureView Camera
– 1.3MP Front Facing Camera
– Wireless Charging
– 2000mAh Battery

諾基亞Lumia920是第一款Windows Phone智能手機從諾基亞。它配備了4.5英寸的高清顯示屏,1.5GHz的高通雙核處理器和1GB RAM。
– 4.5英寸PureMotion HD+顯示器
– 1.5GHz的高通雙核處理器
– 32 GB的板載存儲器
– 800萬像素PUREVIEW相機
– 130萬像素的前置攝像頭
– 無線充電
– 2000mAh的電池

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield – Nokia Lumia 920 Screen Protector Shield + Black Carbon Fiber Film Protector & Lifetime Replacements
publisher: ArmorSuit
ASIN: B009D53M30
EAN: 0847492005409
price: $15.95 (new)

ARMORSUIT MilitaryShield – 諾基亞Lumia920的屏幕保護盾+黑色碳纖維膜保護及壽命替換

價格:$ 15.95(新)

This kit includes: MilitaryShield for your device, installation card, application solution, micro-fiber cloth, detailed instructions manual & ArmorSuit Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

ArmorSuit-MilitaryShield is extremely transparent and formulated against UV for anti-yellowing, in order to protect your device. ArmorSuit-MilitaryShield is made from the same protection film material used to protect military aircrafts, helicopters and space shuttles. MilitaryShield also equipped with “self-healing” technology to further extend the protection. The self-healing technology will eliminate minor scratches on the film over period of time. Our MilitaryShield has also been precisely cut to provide perfect fitting invisibly protect your device. You can relax and stop worrying about permanent scratches on your device because our MilitaryShield provides you a peace of mind to keep your device away from any scratches. ArmorSuit MilitaryShield features corrosion and moisture protection, it prevent moisture from migrating through film to attack underlying substrates. It also provides erosion and impact protection, it protect paint, plastics, metals and composites from sand, rock, rain, and debris damage. Also protects against general wear, rubbing, chaffing, abrading, scraping, etc.

How to Remove the MilitaryShield:

If you ever need to remove the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield, JUST PEEL IT OFF with your bare hands, it comes off clean and leaves NO sticky residue.

*Made in the USA*


的ARMORSUIT-MilitaryShield是非常透明的,並制定對紫外線耐黃變,為了保護您的設備。 ARMORSUIT MilitaryShield是由來自同一個保護膜材料,用於保護軍用飛機,直升機和航天飛機。 MilitaryShield還配備了“自我修復”技術,以進一步擴大保障範圍。自我修復技術將消除輕微的划痕上過一段時間的電影。我們的MilitaryShield也被看不見的保護您的設備提供精確切割完美貼合。您可以放鬆心情,不要擔心永久設備上的划痕因為我們的MilitaryShield,為您提供一個平和的心態,讓您的設備遠離任何划痕。 ARMORSUIT MilitaryShield具有耐腐蝕,防潮,防止水分,通過薄膜遷移的攻擊底部基板。它還提供了侵蝕和衝擊保護,保護油漆,塑料,金屬和複合材料,砂,石,雨,和碎片。還可以防止一般的磨損,摩擦,擦傷,磨損,刮等


如果您需要刪除的的ARMORSUIT MilitaryShield,只是把它剝開你的雙手,它脫落乾淨,沒有留下粘性殘留物。


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