MetroPCS Station Domination at the 7th & Metro Red Line Station / MetroPCS的第7和紅線地鐵站的站支配

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In this video we spotlight a recent “Station Domination” executed by MetroPCS. As you’ll see this video does a great job capturing the commuter traffic within the station which helps to dis-spell the common notion that “no one rides the LA rail system”. Additionally, the video opens with a shot of a MetroPCS Wrapped Train that is also currently running within the system.


LG Optimus M+ Prepaid Android Phone (MetroPCS)
publisher: LGIC
EAN: 0652810117968
sales rank: 17737
price: $142.77 (new), $110.00 (used)

Featuring the powerful Android 2.3 platform, the Optimus M+ delivers a fast, seamless experience with full online content. Users can easily and quickly sync Google accounts, like Gmail, Calendar, Google Talk, Picasa, and more. The 3.5″ capacitive touch screen gives a much more intuitive way to browse. From sending E-mails and text messages to friends on the virtual QWERTY keyboard, scrolling through contacts, or scanning social media sites. It gives customers more ways to personalize their user experience, with seven customizable home screens. Other features include making it easy to keep in touch with friends and family. The Optimus M+ snaps and shares from anywhere with a 5 MP autofocus camera and camcorder with an LED flash, 4x zoom, and optimized light settings for night or day. It includes Bluetooth version 3.0 with profiles such as headset, hands-free, object push, advanced audio distribution (stereo), audio/video remote control, file transfer, and phone book access. Key Feastures Android 2.3 Platform (Gingerbread) Bluetooth Version: 3.0 Wi-Fi Connectivity (b/g/n) Video Player Music Player Virtual QWERTY Keyboard with Swype 5.0 Megapixel Autofocus Camera and Camcorder with LED Flash Text, Picture, Voice, and Video Messaging One-Touch Speakerphone Text to Speech 7 Customizable Home Screens 3.5″ Capacitive Touch Screen

LG的Optimus M +預付費Android手機(MetroPCS公司)

的Optimus M +擁有強大的Android2.3平台,提供了一個快速,無縫的體驗,完整的在線內容。用戶可以方便,快捷地同步谷歌賬戶,如Gmail,日曆,谷歌Talk,Picasa中,和更多。 3.5“電容式觸摸屏提供了一個更直觀的方式來瀏覽。給朋友發送電子郵件和文本消息,在虛擬的QWERTY鍵盤,滾動接觸,或掃描社交媒體網站,它為客戶提供了更多的方式來個性化自己的用戶經驗,與7定制的首頁屏幕。其他功能包括它容易保持與朋友和家人聯繫。的擎天柱中號+卡和一個500萬像素的自動對焦攝像頭和攝像機的LED閃光,4倍變焦和優化光從任何地方股份設置為白天或晚上,它包括藍牙3.0版本的配置文件,如耳機,免提,對象推送模式,高級音頻傳輸模式(立體聲),音頻/視頻遠程控制,文件傳輸,以及訪問電話簿。主要Feastures Android 2.3平台(薑餅)藍牙版本:3.0 Wi-Fi連接(B / G/ N)視頻播放器音樂播放器虛擬QWERTY鍵盤,Swype的500萬像素自動對焦相機和攝像機LED閃光燈文字,圖片,語音和視頻通訊單觸式免持聽筒文本演講7個可定制的主屏幕3.5英寸電容式觸摸屏

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