Know How… 16: Staying Connected without a Cell Phone

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Get the understand how to stay connected without a phone. Iyaz shows you how to live an Internet-connected existence without a phone. We’re reducing the cell phone and start using data only! Special visitor Tom Merritt joins in.Components
– Hotspot
– Mobile device: this can be an iPad, iPod touch, Galaxy Player, even an old cell phone

How to Receive Communications
You’ll possibly want a phone number. We’re going to get 1 from Google Voice. Google Voice provides you with access to your calls on the web. You can also set up all kinds of rules in which phone rings at which time.

Google Voice can also send and receive text messages. The downside is that you don’t get MMS support and it’s US only today.

Apps for your device:
– Google Voice Official App (iOS)
– Google Voice Official App (Android)
– Talkatone (iOS and Android)

How can you answer calls?
The Google Voice app doesn’t achieve that. Instead, utilize Talkatone to make and also receive calls.

On the other hand, you can utilize Skype to make and get calls. You’ll have to get a Skype Online number that is not free, but very useful overall.

Mobile Hotspot Options:
– Virgin Mobile Hotspots
– Verizon Wireless
– iPad with Cellular
– FreedomPop

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