Introducing JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker for Nokia MD-100W

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Connect your phone with a single tap. Then put your phone down to charge it up. The incredible wireless charging JBL speaker. Co-created with JBL for clear audio plus universal compatibility supporting all phones with Bluetooth.

JBL On Air Wireless iPhone/iPod AirPlay Speaker Dock with FM Internet Radio & Dual Alarm Clock
publisher: JBL
EAN: 0050036311793
price: $100.97 (new), $110.00 (used)

JBL On Air Wireless revolutionizes the way that you listen to music. It streams your entire iTunes 10 library from any Mac or PC and from any iPod, iPhone or iPad device running i)S 4.2 (or later) to any room in your house over your Wi-Fi network. Now you can listen to any song or playlist, see song titles, artists and album artwork on a full-color LCD display, and enjoy full navigation and playback control via your iOS device with Apple’s free Remote app. The included radio with RDS tuning lets you tune in any of your favorite stations easily. And since the OnAir Wireless is from JBL, you know it will sound great.

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