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WWE – Hollywood Hulk Hogan – Hulk Still Rules
publisher: Sony
ASIN: B00006G8KI
EAN: 0651191593408

price: $18.50 (new), $2.20 (used)

Call it a time capsule: If someone were to walk up to you in, say, the year 2050 and ask “What is pro wrestling?,” simply hand them Hulk Still Rules and walk away. For all intents and purposes, Hulk Hogan is pro wrestling, and this two-DVD, six-hour set explains why. It follows the hungry young wrestler through his early years, to his breakthrough (defeating the Iron Sheik) to the rampant ’80s success of Hulkamania–a bizarre mixture of Reaganomics, Christianity, and testosterone. And, because the WWE now owns the rights to the WCW material, this set covers the whole Hulk story, following his heel turn (as Hollywood Hogan) in the WCW and finally back to his recent success at the Federation. In addition to the documentary, the DVDs contain some 18 classic matches of Hogan’s battles with legends like Andre the Giant, Mr. Perfect, Big John Studd, and Rowdy Roddy Pipper. It’s not just a must for Hogan fans, it’s essential for any wrestling fan. –Dave McCoy

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