HTC One Hands On

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A One HTC event announcement this morning, we got a little ‘time to go hands-on with the latest Android flagship company, forming some first impressions of this smartphone expected.

Discover the solid aluminum construction, tapering down to only four millimeters wide at the edges. As it becomes thicker in the middle, it is still an incredibly elegant.

One introduces the BlinkFeed HTC, its new software to keep up with the news and entertainment, offering tons of opportunities for customization. The new meaning really shows off the minimalist design that we have seen in initial losses.

You may be worried about the lack of a multitask button, but the software HTC really seems to manage without much grace.

The camera performance is of primary importance for the HTC One, and beyond the new sensor Ultrapixel, is there any software look great, including the new business system Zoe. Suffice it to say, we’re pretty impressed. Check out our complete first impressions

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