Galaxy Note II: The seven best software features / 銀河注二:七個最好的軟件功能

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The Samsung Galaxy Note II is one of the most talked about devices this year, and Aaron takes a look at seven of the best software features in the iconic device. As if Jelly Bean out of the box wasn’t enough, Samsung brings some great software upgrades to both the software in general and the improvements from the S Pen. What features do you find most useful? Sound off in the comments section below!

三星Galaxy Note II是最受關注的設備今年,亞倫看看7個標誌性的設備的最好的軟件功能。如果果凍豆開箱即用的是不夠的,三星帶來一些偉大的軟件升級的軟件和改進的S Pen的。有什麼特點,找到最有用?關閉聲音在下面留言吧!

Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N7100 – factory unlocked- 16GB Gray
publisher: Samsung
EAN: 8806085301917

price: $694.00 (new)
三星Galaxy Note II GT-N7100 – 工廠解鎖16GB灰色
Enjoy a tablet-like web browsing experience with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The generous 5.55″ high-definition capacitive display reduces scrolling or transitioning between pages. You can also draw or write directly onto the screen with your finger, or the S Pen, which is included.

享受平板電腦一樣的網絡瀏覽體驗與三星Galaxy注2。大方5.55“高清晰的電容式顯示屏,降低滾動或頁面之間的轉換。您也可以繪製或直接在屏幕上用手指或S Pen的,它包含。

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