Fungal Meningitis Cases Rise Across 7 States

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A deadly meningitis outbreak rose to nearly 50 cases in seven states on Friday. Clinics scrambled to notify patients across the country and family members voiced concerns. The AP’s Robert Ray has the story. (Oct. 5)

by: Tara J. Myers MD
publisher: Eloquent Books, published: 2012-04-25

Although Dr. Allyson Brittmore is a well-trained emergency room physician, nothing has prepared her for the mysterious chain of events following the death of a teenager from the highly contagious disease of meningitis.

In the medical thriller Meningitis, Allyson is the newest physician on staff at Houston’s Memorial Hospital. She becomes the target of a peer review committee when it investigates the deadly spread of meningitis within the hospital staff. The facts in each death, Allyson’s close observations, and her involvement in each case provide hospital administrators with all the evidence needed to bar Dr. Brittmore from treating any more patients with meningitis.

Allyson seems to always be in the wrong place at the right time, and gets involved in diagnosing another case. She finds herself in the middle of a cover up, when she suspects a connection between TB skin tests and the cause of the epidemic.

When the news media discovers the meningitis epidemic at the hospital, Allyson finds an unlikely ally in Helen Mayes, a pushy reporter and former RN. Mayes convinces Dr. Brittmore to share her suspicions with Homicide Detective Joe Mullins, and surrender a bottle of TB fluid as evidence. Allyson continues to ask too many questions, as she works through the maze of possible suspects connected to the hospital’s research.

Who will be the next victim in this supposed place of healing?

About the Author:
Tara J. Myers, M.D., is an emergency room physician in Houston. “After having meningitis and taking care of patients with this illness, I felt it would provide a great basis for a medical thriller.”

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