FRONTLINE | “The Choice 2012” (full episode, English) | PBS / FRONTLINE|“選擇”2012“(全插曲,英語)| PBS

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Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to tell their own stories, but in “The Choice 2012,” FRONTLINE goes far beyond the headlines on a journey deep into their worlds, among their friends and family, critics, and closest colleagues, to understand what drives these men. Based on dozens of new interviews and hundreds of hours of research, FRONTLINE’s authoritative profiles that emerge are also a portrait of America in an era of uncertainty — and a guide to the choices that lie ahead.

米特·羅姆尼和奧巴馬都花了數百數以百萬計的美元來講述自己的故事,但在“2012年的選擇,”一線“遠遠超出了頭條新聞的旅程,深入到他們的世界,在他們的朋友和家人,批評,和最親密的同事,了解是什麼驅使這些人。前線的基礎上幾十個新的採訪和數百個小時的研究,權威的配置文件,也是美國的肖像在一個不確定性的時代 – 和引導擺在面前的選擇。

The Amateur           /       業餘
by: Edward Klein
publisher: Regnery Publishing, published: 2012-05-15
ASIN: 1596987855
EAN: 9781596987852
sales rank: 287
price: $13.58 (new), $12.50 (used)

Klein, who is known for getting the inside scoop on everyone from the Kennedys to the Clintons, reveals never-before-published details about the Obama administration’s political inner workings, as well as Barack and Michelle’s personal lives.


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