Best Of Just For Laughs Gags – Producer’s Choice

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Some of our favorite gags producer, all together in a delicious edition! And the award goes to:
Head in the toilet prank – Just For Laughs
– Our first big hit on Youtube
Cops Caught In Sexy Lingerie
– The first joke that really helped us first sell the series to television channels around the world.
Jesus walks on water
– Our first rounds of Jesus that define the trend for many rounds of Jesus greatest
pink Elephant
– One of the biggest farces most complex we’ve ever done that door and just paint the elephant was not a small feat. Do not worry, the elephant was watched by professional managers all the time, he was happy and not hurt in any way by painting or anything else. He had tons of fun with us and we love it!
Cycling Tour winners
– One of our first tours involving a large number of people. Complicated, but turned out great.


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