Ask the Expert: Communication and networking in Series 40 apps

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Our new Ask the Expert webinar series puts the power in your hands. You can choose what topics are covered and what questions are answered during these highly interactive sessions.

In this session, expert developer Michael Samarin of Futurice provides an overview to the communication and networking options for Java apps on Series 40 before he answers the following questions:

15:30 — Are there any guidelines or resources for making Java ME connected apps secure?
18:05 — Can I create multiplayer games using Bluetooth?
19:52 — Can I find example code for multiplayer games?
20:46 — Is that an ad-hoc peer-to-peer network or WiFi infrastructure connection?
20:17 — This means that WiFi/SMS/Bluetooth methods are not selectable?
23:30 — Please explain the TCP/UDP comment?
23:50 — How about a little, tiny webserver on a Series 40 phone?
24:51 — How would you use Bluetooth to collect data from an instrument in the field?
28:39 — Is the memory leak issue (Oauth 2.0) fixed in the latest version of LWUIT for Series 40?


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