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Creating Value Through Partnering, Part I: Capgemini/Microsoft Case Study of Best Practices
by: Marianne Hedin
publisher: IDC Research, published: 2005-07-01
price: $3,500.00 (new)

This IDC study examines the reasons why partnerships among major service vendors do or do not succeed in creating value. Not all partnerships are “made in heaven,” and many do not even deliver any benefits. In fact, partnerships may not always be the best and most viable option at all; they may be more or less effective in one particular situation than another. So when do partnerships make most sense, and how does a services provider structure and manage a partnership or alliance to maximize the odds of creating value? Are there common best practices that should be adopted by all service vendors in a partnership, and can those best practices be applied to every or just some types of partnership arrangement? As most partnerships produce results over time, the ability to survive together through internal and external turbulence becomes another important issue. The question is, what elements of a partnership are essential to ensure survival? In short, the issue of partnering or partnerships raises a myriad of questions that need to be scrutinized. This document will address these key questions as they pertain to one particular partnership (i.e., the relationship between Capgemini and Microsoft). This document represents the first of several case studies that IDC will publish on partnerships.

“To identify common and agreed-upon metrics that quantify the effectiveness or value of a partnership is a major challenge for service providers. Being able to determine how much revenue and/or how many client deals have resulted from an alliance are the ultimate objectives that service vendors must strive for in a partnership,” says Marianne Hedin, program manager of IDC’s Worldwide Services program.


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